Transform your website into a marketing machine.

Main Street Vineland website designThe #1 way for your website to fail? Put it up and forget it.

Two things that most failing websites have in common is that they're not developed strategically with business goals in mind, and they're not kept updated and relevant.

Your website should be a Marketing Platform, not a brochure.

The design phase shouldn't even begin until you've developed business goals that the site should help you reach. It should then be strategically developed to accomplish those specific business goals, evolve as your organization evolves, and be continually tweaked to maximize its impact. Over time, a website is actually the most affordable marketing option you have.

There are several reasons that site owners don't follow through to make the most of their site, though:

  • they're too busy to think about it
  • they don't understand the importance of it, or
  • they understand the importance but really have no clue what to do.

Shifting mindsets in relation to the role websites play in day-to-day business is critical to improving the competitiveness of communities and businesses.

We've created our Main Matters subscription-based service to address the pervasive problem of websites that are contributing little value to the organization or site user, to assist site owners in understanding how much their site could be doing, and to develop the foundation for longterm growth through leveraging the internet.

Find out how it works

Your valuable benefits include:

  • Every project begins with Project Roadmapping to ensure that, before the design process even starts, actual business goals are established so you know what you want to achieve and, more importantly, how you're going to achieve it and measure success.
  • The subscription-based service makes it easier for you to afford a professional site by spreading the cost over a year.
  • We work with you for the first full year to:
    • NEW! integrate our marketing automation system to help you customize site and content to the visitor based on their behavior, generate leads, and calculate ROI - among many other features.
    • analyze effectiveness based on your business goals and make adjustments,
    • develop new site features,*
    • assist with your email marketing and social media plan,
    • and provide coaching.
  • After the first year, you can continue to retain our monthly services or opt to switch to hosting only and use our services on an as-needed basis.

With Main Marketing, you have access to our entire team.

Our CEO and two VP's oversee the strategic Project Roadmapping portion, bringing years of web development, marketing, economic development, and entrepreneurial experience to the project. As the project proceeds, you'll get to know the rest of our staff and we'll become part of your team, working together to make you more successful.

Meet our team

For less than the cost of hiring a staff member, you'll have a team of marketing professionals who are vested in your success.

Research, analysis, strategy, custom design, development, social media, and email marketing from a team with decades of experience. Let's do it!

*E-commerce not included.